Oakville, Ontario


Various Architects

Various Consultants

Project Completion
December 2008

We have completed various projects at the Ford Oakville. Among those projects were the Fuel Cell building and the Locker Replacement project.

The Fuel Cell building consisted of construction of a new facility to house the Ford-patented Fumes-to-Fuel system that converts emissions from the plant’s paint shop into electricity to help power the plant. Carbon beads are used to capture the VOCs, resulting in clean exhaust air. The VOCs are then released from the carbon beads and processed for use in the fuel cell. The fuel cell converts the VOCs into electricity. At full production, the Oakville plant will be able to produce approximately 1,500 kilowatts of energy per day, which is enough to power approximately 150 homes.

This state of the art facility incorporated the equipment warehouse, offices, washrooms, boardroom, and a viewing facility for this new green energy system.

North & South Locker Rooms consisted of two areas: the first being a new ramped, fully enclosed employee entrance c/w turnstiles for the new S.U.V. line. The new pedestrian walkway and ramp was fully heat traced for employee safety. The second area involved interior demolition and renovations to a 30,000sf area of the plant to house the new men’s and women’s employee locker rooms. These locker rooms included washrooms and showers as wells as lockers and benches.

This project was on an extremely tight schedule, with more than 4 million dollars of work completed in 15 weeks.