Mitch Newbold, Vice President Operations

Mitch Newbold

Mitch joined JJ McGuire in May of 1989 as a site superintendent. Over the next few years, Mitch assumed an ever-increasing role in JJ McGuire with responsibility for larger and larger projects.

In his current capacity of Vice President Operations, Mitch oversees the daily operation of site and office. His eagle-eye attention to detail ensures that each project is staffed and equipped to complete on time, within budget and to JJ McGuire’s unwavering standards of quality and safety, all the while keeping the customer in mind. “You have to take the approach that the daily operation of the facility comes first. Working closely with the end users to maintain business as usual is our top priority and that applies to all projects.

Mitch’s philosophy is “The sign of good character is to do what’s right when nobody’s looking. If you keep that in mind at all times, I don’t think you will have any issues.”